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Nissan Deliver Early – I have my LEAF !!

Despite recently putting my expected delivery date back 3 weeks Nissan called me on the 27th July to say my LEAF had arrived, 2 days prior to the earliest delivery date I had received during the order period. I was … Continue reading

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6th LEAF on the auction block at eBay

A seller in Washington State is offering a new LEAF for sale on eBay. The seller has a good reputation rating on eBay so should stand a good chance of a sale. With the 2012 model being released for sale … Continue reading

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Blink Customer Service is awesome!!

Blink Networks have a really good support network. I had a trivial problem/question with my new Blink Car Charger, so I sent their customer support an email early Friday evening just after 6pm. The next time I checked my email … Continue reading

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Recent LEAF’s on eBay did not sell – 2012 Model about to go on sale.

    Recent attempts to sell a 2011 Nissan LEAF have resulted in no sale being made. A few LEAF’s did successfully sell on eBay earlier this year, one went for considerably more than list price.   Maybe the interest is fading as … Continue reading

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Public Car Chargers Thin on the Ground in Nashville TN

Blink Operations center have sent me my Blink membership card and access to their nationwide network. That was quick, the charger was only was installed two days ago. I thought I’d look to see how many charging stations are available … Continue reading

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Nissan are not Nordstrom

The common cliche regarding good customer service is “Under Promise, Over Deliver” and is attributed to Nordstrom. Unfortunately this cannot also be attributed to Nissan. Apparently they prefer the maxim Over Promise, Under Deliver. I got quite excited when I … Continue reading

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Level 2 Car Charger Installed, now I need a car

Please Plug in Your Vehicle…….. says the newly installed charger in my garage. I took delivery of my electric vehicle charger this week. All I need now is a car!! Which should be delivered to the dealership next week. ECOtality … Continue reading

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