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Why I Hate Car Salesmen

I purchase a vehicle infrequently. My current vehicle I have had 7 years, the previous 9 years. One main reason is that it is just cheaper to drive till they are worn out, one has many years of payment free … Continue reading

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Nissan LEAF – Scrunching the numbers

Does the Nissan LEAF actually save you money? Quick Answer – Yes, if the cost of Gas is above $2.86 and the government offers incentives to the tune of $10,000. If it wasn’t for the Government incentives, the financial case … Continue reading

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Nissan LEAF Test Drive

On March 26th 2011 Nissan held a test drive event for their all electric car, the Nissan LEAF at Franklin TN. The Event This was a source of disappointment. Nissan set up a series of tents on the Parking lot … Continue reading

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