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Nissan LEAF – The Bad

I’m very pleased with my Nissan LEAF, however nothing is perfect. Here are some of the most glaring issues I’ve found to date. 1. No Spare Tire. Nissan provide a ‘fix-a-flat’ instead. Clearly this is a space and weight saving … Continue reading

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First Nissan LEAF on eBay Motors did not sell

The first Nissan LEAF to go up for sale on eBay did not sell. This could be because of an unrealistic reserve price set by the seller, however the maximum bid placed provides us with insight as to the demand … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Car Salesmen

I purchase a vehicle infrequently. My current vehicle I have had 7 years, the previous 9 years. One main reason is that it is just cheaper to drive till they are worn out, one has many years of payment free … Continue reading

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Nissan LEAF – Scrunching the numbers

Does the Nissan LEAF actually save you money? Quick Answer – Yes, if the cost of Gas is above $2.86 and the government offers incentives to the tune of $10,000. If it wasn’t for the Government incentives, the financial case … Continue reading

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Nissan LEAF Test Drive

On March 26th 2011 Nissan held a test drive event for their all electric car, the Nissan LEAF at Franklin TN. The Event This was a source of disappointment. Nissan set up a series of tents on the Parking lot … Continue reading

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