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Range Anxiety by Proxy

I have become accustomed to driving the LEAF over the last 6 months and rarely concern myself with the range of the vehicle anymore. Range anxiety is something a new EV owner experiences until they become confident of how far … Continue reading

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H&R Block tax software does not support Electric Vehicle Credits

I have been a loyal H&R Block TaxCut software customer for over 10 years. However I ran into a  snag using their software today. They don’t support IRS Form 8936 – “Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit” I purchased … Continue reading

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Gas Prices “Managed” by big oil since August 2011?

A common complaint from any driver is that when Oil prices go up, gas prices do so overnight, but when oil prices drop gas prices are slow to follow. A quick bit of research always showed this not to be … Continue reading

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Nissan Carwings Stalls

Data from Nissan LEAF vehicles all around the world is collected centrally. Through a web service called CarWings, the service provides insight into ones driving habits, and how this compares to other US and Worldwide drivers of LEAF’s. Since December … Continue reading

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Electric City USA, Nashville TN

Nashville is well known as the center for country music, ‘Music City USA’. If one takes a look at the map of Electric Vehicle Charging stations, middle Tennessee finds itself at the nexus of EV charging stations. The Yellow markers … Continue reading

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