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Plugshare looking for a business model

PlugShare is a  smartphone app which provides a crowd-sourced database of EV charging stations. PlugShare app users search for charging stations close to where they are. Location is based on the smart phones GPS. If a user finds a station … Continue reading

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Customer Complaints surface regarding LEAF emergency braking

Four customers have reported issues with their brakes remaining on after they have needed to brake hard during an emergency. One driver claims that this caused the LEAF to be rear-ended. In all cases control of the vehicle was maintained, … Continue reading

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Orphaned LEAF for sale at Newton Nissan

LEAF’s cannot normally be purchased by visiting a dealer and looking at their stock. They don’t have LEAF’s on the lot due to the short supply of the vehicles. Almost all are sold to those reserving via the Nissan website. … Continue reading

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One month of LEAF ownership – The experience so far…..

It’s a month since I got my Nissan LEAF and here’s a  few points about the experience so far. I’ve gone from merely liking the car to loving it. It drives like a Mercedes. 1,300 miles driven for a total … Continue reading

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On track to save $10,000 in Fuel

Over the life of the LEAF (assuming 100,0000 mile life) I am on track to save over $10,000 in fuel expenses compared to the Chevy Malibu I had previously which was frugal anyway, I got 25mpg while driving the Malibu. … Continue reading

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