Customer Complaints surface regarding LEAF emergency braking

Four customers have reported issues with their brakes remaining on after they have needed to brake hard during an emergency. One driver claims that this caused the LEAF to be rear-ended. In all cases control of the vehicle was maintained, thanks no doubt to the great handling of the LEAF.

The complaints indicate that the brakes do not let off for up to a second until after the pedal is released, resulting in unwanted and aggressive braking. This has not resulted in a recall or investigation as of yet. All complaints describe similar symptoms which makes one wonder if there is a undiscovered problem with the vehicle. All complaints detail how they took evasive maneuvers while braking hard at speeds over 50 mph. One wonders if the anti-lock and anti-skid technologies are interacting. My personal experience is very positive regarding the LEAF braking system, even when required to brake hard.

To read the customer complaints visit the following website.  Four complaints is a very low number, however there are relatively few LEAF’s on the road, so 4 maybe significant for the LEAF.


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