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LEAF salesman knows how to sell EV’s

A LEAF car salesman Paul Scott in LA California is making a mark as a super LEAF salesperson. It helps to be selling the LEAF in California where gas prices are high, however Paul uses several innovative ways to attract … Continue reading

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(Little) Hitler alive and well at Radnor Lake State Park

“No Sir”, said the kind staff member at Radnor Lake State Park Visitor Center, “You cannot park your LEAF in either of the EV spaces, they are not working”. While the state of the charging stations was regrettable, I was … Continue reading

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Third McDonald’s in Hendersonville gets EV Charging Stations

All the McDonald’s in Hendersonville now have EV Charging Stations. The other two McDonald’s were the first businesses to get EV Charging stations in Hendersonville. This time last year placement of the chargers was performed in premium parking spaces without … Continue reading

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