LEAF salesman knows how to sell EV’s

A LEAF car salesman Paul Scott in LA California is making a mark as a super LEAF salesperson. It helps to be selling the LEAF in California where gas prices are high, however Paul uses several innovative ways to attract customers to the LEAF.

First and foremost, Paul owns his own LEAF and talks from experience and not a brochure or training guide!! Second he takes his LEAF to ‘Test Drive’ events at local businesses with 100 or more employees and offers employees to take a 15 minutes test drive in an EV. He gets other brands of EV’s to go to these events as well. He truly wants to get drivers into an EV, any EV and not shoehorn them into a  LEAF if that isn’t the right EV for their unique circumstance or commute distance.

Watch a video of Paul talk about his test drive events

I wish Paul was the salesperson to sell me my LEAF, I’m sure the process would have been smoother.

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