LEAF owners help others during Sandy aftermath

When the LEAF first started to sell, I remember reading on discussion forums that the LEAF made no sense, “Just wait until there is a major storm and you are without electric for a week or more”.

Varun Bhatia in his all-electric Nissan LEAF passing gasoline station on Long Island, New York.

Hurricane Sandy has left many without electric and gasoline supplies are being rationed and lines forming even at 2am to get gas. Some LEAF owners have found they are better off with an electric vehicle than those with just gasoline vehicles.

One LEAF owner in Maryland powered his refrigerator and coffee maker using his LEAF’s battery power. View the video here.

Another LEAF owner in Long Island NY has driven over 300 miles to help friends in need, watch a video and read about his story here.

Owning an Electric car and also a Gasoline car means you are no longer dependant upon one fuel source to get around anymore. If electric is in short supply drive your gasoline car, if gasoline is in short supply, drive your electric car.

Here is another story regarding the gas shortages during the power outages in New Jersey.

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