Smokey the Bear drives a LEAF

I came across an interesting video on Youtube. It’s a story of how the black bear solar institute in the smoky mountains in Tennessee have installed 24 EV charging stations at key points around the national park to encourage EV adoption.

The EV charging stations are known as the Green Gateway and are focused predominantly around Townsend TN. The location of charging stations can be seen on the official map of Blink charging stations.

Charging Stations at the Smoky Mountains TN

Pigeon Forge and Gatlingburg have also installed a good number of charging stations, for a total of 46 close to the Tennessee Park Entrance. What would be nice to see is charging stations at the Sugarlands visitor center inside the park and at the Clingman’s Dome parking lot

With quick charging stations along I-40 from Nashville to Knoxville a trip to the park with our LEAF is within the realms of possibility!!



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