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Blink Introduce “Post Charging Occupancy Fees” in some markets – Effective July 20th 2015.

In an email sent out on 7/13/2015 ┬áBlink announced they will introduce, starting on July 20th 2015, “Occupancy Fees” of 8c per minute to discourage EV drivers from leaving cars parked long after a car has completed its charge. The … Continue reading

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Third capacity bar lost – Replacement battery anticipated within the next year.

This weekend saw the third capacity bar on my LEAF dashboard turn off. This is confirmation that the battery degradation is now quite advanced and I can expect to replace the battery within the next 12 months. My LEAF is … Continue reading

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Mapco NRG eVgo Rapid Chargers activate instantly, but parking spaces often blocked during busy periods

NRG eVgo Rapid Chargers in the Nashville Tennessee area are very reliable and activate instantly using an RFID card and thankfully don’t rely on finicky touch screens. Other charging networks such as Blink also use RFID cards, but the activation … Continue reading

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