Blink Introduce “Post Charging Occupancy Fees” in some markets – Effective July 20th 2015.

Occupancy Fee Email

Occupancy Fee Email Click to Enlarge

In an email sent out on 7/13/2015  Blink announced they will introduce, starting on July 20th 2015, “Occupancy Fees” of 8c per minute to discourage EV drivers from leaving cars parked long after a car has completed its charge. The fee would start 15 minutes after a charge is complete.

I read closely to see if the new fee was specific to certain markets. Blink do vary their fee structure by market. There was no indication which market this fee applies to. In Tennessee Blink charge members 2c for every 30 seconds (4c per minute) both during and after charging is complete. I grew concerned that the 8c/min maybe in addition to the current 4c/min. It wasn’t clear from the email.

I reached out to Blink to enquire to see if the occupancy fee would apply to Tennessee Blink units. I got a very quick response from Blink. They assured me that no occupancy fee will be assessed for Tennessee charging stations since we already pay by the minute.

Here’s their response:-

Speedy Support Response

Speedy Support Response

Their email could have been more specific by mentioning which markets this applied to or targeted only to those who it would apply to. At least their customer support was very quick.

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