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Sentry Mode Triggered by a Hog

On a recent trip to Clarksville TN we stopped at the Blackhorse Pub and Brewery on Franklin Street downtown. I set Sentry Mode on the car as we parked on the street outside the pub close to a four way … Continue reading

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Misleading Ad for Tesla Model 3

Tesla showcase the Model 3’s main features on its web page. If you didn’t know better the webpage for the Model 3 would lead you to believe that you can get a Model 3 with 3.2 sec 0-60, 325 Miles … Continue reading

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LEAF driver leaves me thinking why? Just Why !?!

In the eight years of driving an EV I have witnessed all manner of good and poor charging etiquette and habits. However, none of my extensive experience has adequately prepared me for today’s bizarre charging of a LEAF. If you … Continue reading

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Model 3 is the first car I’ve owned that adjusts its clock automatically

I fully expected the Model 3 to adjust to daylight savings time and it did. Reflecting on this I realize this is the first car I’ve owned that has adjusted its clock automatically. The 2011 LEAF has two clocks both … Continue reading

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Tesla Take Care of (some of) their Customers

Tesla announced across the board price cuts for their vehicles at the end of February 2019. Does this mean the 2018 customers overpaid? Is this the price of being the first on the block with a Model 3? Many customers … Continue reading

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