LEAF driver leaves me thinking why? Just Why !?!

In the eight years of driving an EV I have witnessed all manner of good and poor charging etiquette and habits. However, none of my extensive experience has adequately prepared me for today’s bizarre charging of a LEAF.

Puhleeze. The charging port is at the front, pull in already!

If you really must reverse into a parking space, consider an EV with a rear charge port like a Tesla.

This is too bizarre. Your comments are most welcome.

Update: 2019-03-14

To better illustrate my attempt at humor here is a perfect example of “how it’s done”

Front Charging Port – Pull In
Rear Charging Port – Reverse In.
This doesn’t have to be difficult.


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4 Responses to LEAF driver leaves me thinking why? Just Why !?!

  1. Jeremy Duncan says:

    Don’t forget where you came from JP ;). I think the why is wrapped around a 20k difference in price tag haha. I think I’d back in for 20k less.

    I have no dog in this hunt however because I drive a gas guzzling F-150.

    Nice choice in color JP, love your new Tesla!

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Thanks for the comment Jeremy.
      FYI The entry level Tesla Model 3 is $8,500 cheaper than the top of the line LEAF. They both go about 220 miles 😉
      BTW Karen is now driving the old LEAF. It’s still going strong.

      • Jeremy Duncan says:

        I’d be willing to bet that Nissan will be taking some notes as Tesla whips them into shape! So glad to hear your old Leaf is still going strong!

        I LOVE seeing Tesla charging ports where I go. My client, Hilton, has several out front of their headquarters hotel location in McLean VA.

  2. Warren Bowman says:

    Since you solicited comments, here is mine: So what? If this is the sort of thing that sets you off, then you might not be a very happy person. The guy in the Leaf isn’t your enemy. The guys who ICE charging stations are.

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