Misleading Ad for Tesla Model 3

Tesla showcase the Model 3’s main features on its web page. If you didn’t know better the webpage for the Model 3 would lead you to believe that you can get a Model 3 with 3.2 sec 0-60, 325 Miles of range and AWD Dual motor drive. Just click “Order Now”.

Misleading Model 3 specifications.

The reality is the vehicle that is capable of 0-60 in 3.2 secs is the Performance Model 3 which is rated for 310 miles of range not 325. When you click Order now that becomes apparent. The webpage is quite misleading being a hybrid of specifications which cannot all be true for an available vehicle configuration. Tesla have also been criticized for showing cost “after gas savings over 6 years” rather than show only the actual cost you need to pay.

I don’t know why Tesla thinks it necessary to exaggerate the capabilities of their cars which are some of the best available. IMHO honesty is the best policy.

Update 2019-04-20

Tesla have fixed their website and now the online ad is accurate. I’d like to think my blog post resulted in a fixed website, but probably not. Good to see Tesla fix their ad.

Corrected web-page.

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