Sentry Mode Triggered by a Hog

On a recent trip to Clarksville TN we stopped at the Blackhorse Pub and Brewery on Franklin Street downtown. I set Sentry Mode on the car as we parked on the street outside the pub close to a four way stop.

Tesla Sentry Mode

A Harley Davidson pulled up at the side of my Model 3 and checked rifght of way through the 4-way stop. The motorbike revved its engine to pull away and the deep vibrations given off by the hog set off the anti-theft sensors on the Model 3 and I was alerted on my cell phone Sentry Mode had been activated. Sentry Mode plays music very loudly and also flashes the lights.

Despite the system being triggered by a motorbike, I was impressed that sentry mode did not even wake and ready itself when people passed by on the sidewalk quite closely to the car. It seems as long as someone keeps moving by the car it ignores them. If someone stops by the vehicle then Sentry Mode readies itself and displays an image of Hal on the center console and  a message saying  “Sentry Activated” and “Recording” to let anyone lurking know they are being recorded by the car.


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