Hard to find Charging Stations located at City Square

City Square Hendersonville – Click to enlarge

City Square in Hendersonville now has two electric vehicle charging stations. They are well hidden though.

First indication I got of the stations was when I was driving down main street and saw on my navigation screen a charging station indicated. It was dark and I didn’t spot them. I returned another time and trolled up and down along the city square parking lot, hoping I didn’t attract too much attention, it must have looked like I was casing the joint. I did not find the units anywhere. I assumed it was a mistake on the nav screen.

A few weeks later charging station websites such as Blink Networks, Plugshare and Recargo started to list the chargers at this location and showed them active and online. I returned the day after Thanksgiving on a quest to find them. They were not to be found in the main parking lot, so I decided to go behind the shopping center buildings and there they were, outside the shopping center management office.

Location of ‘Hidden’ Charging stations at City Square.

Not convenient for shoppers, but there they are. A black LEAF with a Davidson County license plate was charging when I stopped by, presumably belonging to the management office or a shop keeper. This shopping center while outwardly unassuming turns out is a major Solar Energy producer! In 2010 this location became  one of the largest solar arrays in Tennessee. The arrays produce 87.23kW of peak power, generating approximately 108,750 kWh per year. More than enough to power Papa John’s Pizza Ovens and the other storefronts in the mall. In fact the energy produced can support 30 EV’s traveling 13,000 miles each annually.

It turns out the owner of the shopping center is a Solar proponent. Solar facilities and EV Charging Stations are an ideal match, ensuring that EV’s have a minimal impact on the electric grid and earns the car the right to claim to generate zero emissions.

Black LEAF alongside mine

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1 Response to Hard to find Charging Stations located at City Square

  1. Mike says:

    Enjoy your blogs – wish we had this kind of enthusiasm in South Carolina. There is only one charging station between Charleston and Columbia. It’s a 90 mile trip.

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