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Yet to be announced – 2016 LEAF spotted in the wild.

There have been plenty of rumors about the 2016 LEAF and its capabilities, such as a 25% bigger battery. Nissan however have made no announcements about the 2016 LEAF, no release date, no pricing. I spotted a LEAF today that I … Continue reading

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Tesla opens showroom in Nissan’s backyard

Tesla opened their Nashville Showroom on December 19th 2014 less than 3 miles from Nissan’s North America Headquarters. I went by the showroom to say ‘hi’ and welcome Tesla to Nashville. I got a rather odd ‘Pfffft’ from a staff … Continue reading

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Green Hills YMCA gets EV Fast Charge Unit

The Green Hills area has very sparse EV charging coverage compared to other areas of Nashville. Finally they are on the EV Charging map and with a powerful Rapid Charge unit from Nissan at the YMCA. The unit can recharge … Continue reading

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Have Nissan lost worldwide CarWings Data?

According to Nissan CarWings, a vehicle telematics service, I have driven 165 miles so far in December 2013. I know I have covered 700 miles during the same time period. CarWings shows no data whatsoever for my vehicle for the … Continue reading

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LEAF takes its first unscheduled visit to the shop. Cost? $0.00 plus free fuel and car wash!

Over the 2 1/2 years I’ve owned my LEAF a few minor issues have occurred with a speaker failure and window winder both of which waited until the next scheduled maintenance for repair under warranty. This last week I had … Continue reading

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Great turnout at Nashville EV Meetup

It was a hot one! Integrated Solar acted as host to the Nashville EV meetup. They have a massive solar array on their flat roof which will provide free electric for three Blink level 2 chargers at the rear of … Continue reading

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Both Hendersonville McDonald’s get Electric Vehicle Chargers

Public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging comes to Hendersonville TN at last!! Both McDonald’s locations at Hendersonville have had EV chargers* installed in the last few weeks. The Indian Lake store

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