Green Hills YMCA gets EV Fast Charge Unit

Green Hills YMCA Rapid Charge Unit

Green Hills YMCA Rapid Charge Unit Photo provided by Steve Hinkle

The Green Hills area has very sparse EV charging coverage compared to other areas of Nashville. Finally they are on the EV Charging map and with a powerful Rapid Charge unit from Nissan at the YMCA. The unit can recharge a LEAF in 20-30 minutes from empty. A typical boost from one of these units takes 15 minutes, (unlike gasoline drivers most EV drivers don’t wait until they are close to empty before refueling).

Nissan recently announced Nashville will become an early adopter area for their ‘No Charge to Charge’ Program , where they will provide two years of free rapid charging with the purchase of a new Nissan LEAF. Currently there is no fee for all comers at the YMCA, but we can anticipate that to change when the ‘No Charge to Charge’ program is initiated.

Tennessee now has 28 DC Fast Charge units, with the majority focused around the Nashville Metropolitan area.

View from Green Hillls YMCA towards Whole Foods.

View from Green Hills YMCA towards Whole Foods.

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2 Responses to Green Hills YMCA gets EV Fast Charge Unit

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah… they removed this unit. In case anyone else comes looking for it!!

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