Have Nissan lost worldwide CarWings Data?


165 Miles for my LEAF is shy of the 700 Miles driven so far. – Click to enlarge

According to Nissan CarWings, a vehicle telematics service, I have driven 165 miles so far in December 2013. I know I have covered 700 miles during the same time period. CarWings shows no data whatsoever for my vehicle for the first two days of December, and the ‘regional ranking’ has been the same for the last 5 days.


Two days lost at beginning of December, no change over last week?
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Something isn’t right I thought. Wondering if this is limited to my vehicle I looked deeper into the regional and worldwide CarWings data. I found that only 2 US drivers are in the top 100 worldwide for the number of miles driven so far in December 2013. Normally the US makes up about 50% of the top 100 high mileage drivers. Of further interest, included in the top 25 worldwide drivers, are all from Japan. So maybe the data loss extends beyond the US to all world regions except Japan? The Top worldwide mileage of 1,200 miles is about what one would expect at this time from the higher mileage LEAF drivers. Steve Marsh who is approaching 100,000 miles in his LEAF isn’t in the top 100. (Although this could partly be explained by the fact Nissan have lent Mr Marsh a car to be sure the car reaches 100,000 miles on December 16th when they will publicly recognize the achievement).


Only two US drivers in top 100 worldwide?
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We’ve seen occasional data delays in CarWings in the past, but this would seem to be first time evidence of widespread data loss. December data was delayed by over a week, such delays are not out of the ordinary for CarWings, but I’ve not noticed so much data go missing in action before.

Anybody else have problems with their CarWings data?


Only Japan appear to have complete data.
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10 Responses to Have Nissan lost worldwide CarWings Data?

  1. Randy C says:

    My Leaf, purchased two years ago this week, has now been in the shop for 47 days because of a failed Software update. Given the overall lack of quality in Carwings and the Leaf’s Nav system, I’m not surprised to read this.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      That’s a lot of time off the road!! Sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble. Have you checked into the Lemon Laws for your state? Seems excessive time off the road to me.

  2. It’s not just you. I have no December data since the 8th.

  3. ashnazg says:

    It’s not just you. My December data only runs 1st – 8th, with nothing captured since the 8th.

  4. Richard H says:

    I am also missing some Dec 2013 data in Carwings as well. Mainly between Dec 2 and Dec 11. After that, appears to be OK. (in Texas)

  5. Paul Vos says:

    Carwings never functions longer than 5 months , since I got the car 2 years ago. I am not interested in Carwings anymore… not worth the hassle.

  6. scramjett76 says:

    I have a 2011 Leaf and CarWings collected data up until June 2012, roughly 8 months. After that, nothing. After 2 years, not one single mile has been logged by CarWings. Pretty lame if you ask me.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Have you contacted Nissan Customer Service? The service, while flaky, is generally available. It could be something wrong with your vehicle or account on CarWings.

      • scramjett76 says:

        I have not. I usually use the service just to check battery charge status and turn on the climate control. Lagging aside, those usually work fairly well. I only discovered it today because I decided to check it out on a whim. I’ll probably give them a call later today.

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