Orphaned LEAF for sale at Newton Nissan

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LEAF’s cannot normally be purchased by visiting a dealer and looking at their stock. They don’t have LEAF’s on the lot due to the short supply of the vehicles. Almost all are sold to those reserving via the Nissan website.

Once in a while someone will turn down the LEAF when it is delivered to the dealer, which is their prerogative. When this happens the LEAF becomes an ‘orphan’.

Newton Nissan of Gallatin have such an orphan available today. If you’d rather not wait the 3-4 months from reserving to delivery, or pay the $3-4,000 extra for a 2012 model here’s your chance. This one has the Zero Emissions Graphic down the side which costs over $100 extra !!??!! Needless to say I didn’t get that added to my LEAF.

This is what Newton Nissan posted on a LEAF web forum.

Hey guys,
Justin just told me that we have an orphan Leaf. It’s silver, fully loaded, with the quick charge port. It sounds like everyone here already has a Leaf, but if you know of somebody wanting one, pass the word on. I think our little orphan will be “adopted” fairly quick, so instead of replying on the forum, just call Justin directly if you’d like it. His number             615-451-6827      .

Update 2011-09-23 – I spoke with Kelsey at the 2011 Taste of Hendersonville festival. The orphaned LEAF is still for sale a few weeks later. They must not have a waiting list of potential buyers unwilling to wait until the end of the year for the 2012 cars to come on stream. The 2012 vehicles are $3,000 more expensive than the 2011 model year, so this vehicle should be a great deal and no waiting in line!!

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