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Nissan agree to refund $1,000 of my recent repair bill !!

A few weeks ago my LEAF’s onboard charger failed and I was left with a $2,581 repair bill. This is just 8 months after replacing the battery. I decided to call Nissan Consumer Affairs and ask for out of warranty … Continue reading

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Second Unscheduled Maintenance Visit

I notice last weekend when I visited the ATM that the drivers window would not roll down on my LEAF. Other windows worked just fine, the problem was isolated to the drivers window. I went to Newton Nissan this weekend … Continue reading

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LEAF First Service at dealer – $11.02

It’s not often one can take a car to a car dealer and pay for the service with a $20 bill and get change. I took my LEAF in for it’s first scheduled service at 7,500 miles. The only item … Continue reading

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Birds make a ‘deposit’ on Cracker Barrels new EV chargers in Gallatin, TN.

Cracker Barrel in Gallatin TN becomes the first business in Gallatin to get a public Electric vehicle (EV) Charger (not counting the Nissan Dealership, Newton Nissan). I called by Wednesday evening to check them out and found both units available … Continue reading

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Orphaned LEAF for sale at Newton Nissan

LEAF’s cannot normally be purchased by visiting a dealer and looking at their stock. They don’t have LEAF’s on the lot due to the short supply of the vehicles. Almost all are sold to those reserving via the Nissan website. … Continue reading

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