Second Unscheduled Maintenance Visit

I notice last weekend when I visited the ATM that the drivers window would not roll down on my LEAF. Other windows worked just fine, the problem was isolated to the drivers window.

I went to Newton Nissan this weekend and they were very gracious to ‘fit me in’ even though I did not have an appointment. The car was fixed within 60 minutes while I waited, the issue was a faulty switch. I’m now glad I purchased a Security+ Maintenance program when I bought the car from them. I avoided $134 in parts cost and 1/3 hr of labor, say $35. The original 36,000 mile warranty is now expired, I have 41,000 miles on my LEAF. I am utilizing the maintenance contract which is good for a total of 100,000 miles, or another 59,000 miles of motoring.

As the car ages one can expect more of these little niggly problems to crop up, the maintenance program should cover most problems going forward. At total cost of $1,100 a 100,000 maintenance program is worth it if you intend to keep your car for 5 or more years. My average car ownership is about 6 years; I have found reasonably priced maintenance contracts to pay for themselves. Nissan Security+ programs provide the added benefit of a free rental car should the car need to stay in the shop longer than a reasonable wait time.

I’m glad I have not had to depend upon the maintenance program more, the LEAF has been very reliable to date. I had anticipated a higher than average number of service visits due to the EV technology in the vehicle. The EV components so far have been flawless and thanks to not having to change oil, the number of trips to the shop are much less than a conventional gasoline vehicle.

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5 Responses to Second Unscheduled Maintenance Visit

  1. jamey says:

    I have 42000 miles on my 2011 and this Monday my front driver’s side window stopped working. It is very disappointing that Nissan is not covering this on a 2 year old car that retailed for over $28K.

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Was your issue a switch or something else?

      The original warranty is 3 yrs or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, so unfortunately you got unlucky. Ask your dealer the cost of maint contract, they can sell one to you at any time, you may have to pay to have the car brought up to CPO status.

    • says:

      I called 1-800-Nissan-1 and Wesley in Customer Service arranged to have the master power switch replaced at no cost by Campbell Nelson Nissan here in Washington. I got bad info from Nissan of the Eastside (Bellevue WA) Very happy that Nissan is covering this for me.

      • jpwhitehome says:

        Glad to hear they were willing to do that for you!!

        My issue was with the master switch also. Looks like there is an issue going on there.

  2. luke says:

    thanks for posting this, reading this now i know what my cars problem is, drivers window down, wont go up, all other windows work, it cant be the motor because it worked fine, fast up and down. this must be the issue…. too bad I got to do this myself, 2011 nissan leaf with 35 000 and they wont fix it… damn…

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