Bledsoe Creek State Park no longer EV Friendly

BledsoeUnwelcomeNote copy

Go Away EV’s

For the last few years I’ve enjoyed walking the trails at Bledsoe Creek State Park, which was once EV Friendly. I had struck up a friendship with the park ranger Lance Crawford and we came to a gentleman’s agreement that if I donated to the Friends of Bledsoe Creek State Park I could charge at 3 spaces he picked out, if they were free of campers.  I reported the friendly nature of Bledsoe in another post.  It was a good agreement, I got to charge my vehicle while I hiked and the no profit group who help to maintain the parks trails got a cash boost. A classic “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

Lance retired last year and the gentleman’s agreement came to an end. I met the new ranger and initially the new ranger was receptive to continuing this agreement, but has since changed his mind. EV’s are no longer welcome at Bledsoe Creek State Park.

I hope Lance has a long and healthy retirement. Lance, we miss you already!!

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