Shelbyville and Lewisburg in Tennessee get DC Fast Charge Units

NashvilleAreaDCFC Installations

Middle Tennessee Quick Charge locations – Showing latest installations at Shelbyville and Lewisburg – Click to Enlarge

Two smaller cities in Tennessee now have a quick charge unit installed. Why Shelbyville and Lewisburg when larger cities such as Brentwood and Hendersonville do not?

An automotive supplier Calsonic Kansei North America INC has facilities in the cities and is the location of these new installations. Calsonic has announced in 2013 that over a three year period they will invest $109 million resulting in the creation of 1,200 new manufacturing jobs across its facilities in Lewisburg, Shelbville, and Smyrna TN. It is presumed the installation of the quick charge units is part of the $109 Million investment. Public access to these units is not available at the Shelbyville installation. A comment on PlugShare for the Shelybyville factory says “Just spoke to receptionist and she said it’s not available for public use.”  One assumes the same policy restriction will apply to the Lewisburg location.

If anyone in Shelbyville or Lewisburg can get photos of the units, I’ll be happy to include them on Plugshare and here on this blog.

Calsonic makes several automotive products such as Climate Control, Engine Cooling, Electronics, Exhaust and Vehicle Interiors. Nissan is customer of Calsonic Kansei, Calsonic recently supported the manufacturer of the Rogue at the Smyrna TN plant. Nissan have a 40% share in the companies ownership.

Tennessee now has 27 locations where DC Quick Charge units compatible with vehciles such as the Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i and the soon to be released Kia Soul EV. Tesla Model S owners can purchase an adapter for $1,000 to work with this style of rapid charging unit. Notice in the map below how most the the units are south and east of Nashville. West and South West of Nashville have no units whatsoever.

TennesseeDCFC Installations

Location of Tennessee Quick Charge Units – Click to Enlarge

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