Newton Nissan Seventh Dealer to get a Fast Charger in Tennessee


Newton Nissan DC Fast Charge Unit.
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Newton Nissan of Gallatin TN are the seventh Tennessee Nissan Dealer to get a Quick Charge unit. This brings the total number of Fast Charge Units of all brands in Tennessee up to count of 25. This quick charger in Gallatin is well placed for me personally. I occasionally visit Gallatin directly after work and have just enough miles to get me home. Having a quick charger nearby available for days when I’m running late and need to travel faster, or have another stop off to make will be a welcome luxury. The dealership does close Sunday’s, but access to their parking lot and charging equipment is 24/7/365.

Of the Middle Tennessee Dealers, all dealers now have a fast charge unit except for three, namely Action Nissan in Nashville, Newton Nissan in Shelbyville and Victory Nissan in Dickson. Newton Nissan indicate they are on the waiting list for a unit to be installed at their Shelbyville dealership, but don’t have an install date yet. If any LEAF owners in Dickson or close to Action Nissan can check to see they have units or not, please snag a photo and let me know and I’ll update Plugshare to reflect the presence of a quick charge unit.


Location of Quick Charge Units in Tennessee. 25 of them.
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Tennessee one of the first States to get Dealer Quick Chargers

I examined the Nissan Dealer quick charge distribution by state and found Tennessee is honored to be amongst some of the first states to get these units. About 16 States have these units installed to date. The number is growing all the time. Nissan have a goal to install 100 Dealer quick charge units in the US in the top 21 LEAF markets.

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