Birds make a ‘deposit’ on Cracker Barrels new EV chargers in Gallatin, TN.

Bird Poop on EV Charger, location under a tree isn't the best choice

Cracker Barrel in Gallatin TN becomes the first business in Gallatin to get a public Electric vehicle (EV) Charger (not counting the Nissan Dealership, Newton Nissan). I called by Wednesday evening to check them out and found both units available and working.

EV Parking Spaces close to covered walkway to Restaurant






As with the Hendersonville location Cracker Barrel have located the units away from premium parking spaces, ensuring the chargers remain available for EV’s. However they did not consider a tree which overhangs one of the units, and local birds have pooped on them. Given that one has to grab the charging handle to attach to a vehicle, this unit will require regular cleaning by Cracker Barrel staff.

Charging at Cracker Barrel Gallatin TN

Cracker Barrel have installed two charging stations at Gallatin, TN

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1 Response to Birds make a ‘deposit’ on Cracker Barrels new EV chargers in Gallatin, TN.

  1. I think the chargers are birdpoop-resistant. Let the trees stay there and enjoy nature!

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