LEAF First Service at dealer – $11.02

It’s not often one can take a car to a car dealer and pay for the service with a $20 bill and get change.

I took my LEAF in for it’s first scheduled service at 7,500 miles. The only item called for at this service interval is a tire rotation. In addition I had two software updates performed that Nissan informed me about recently via email and snail mail.

Newton Nissan are trying to reach out to customers using social networks, I was able to acquire a $10 off coupon by checking into Newton Nissan with Foursquare as I arrived. That reduced the tire rotation charge from $19.99 to $9.99. Taxes and environmental fee increased the total to a princely sum of $11.02. Had I purchased a gasoline car, I would have had to have performed two oil changes already at this mileage. I found it amusing that Nissan charge a dollar environmental fee, even though it is the most environmentally friendly car they make.

Next scheduled service is 15,000 miles.

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3 Responses to LEAF First Service at dealer – $11.02

  1. Mike Jones says:

    That’s awesome! Please let us know how the software updates improve (or not) the battery level accuracy. Thanks!

    • jpwhitehome says:

      Leaving home this morning the gauge indicated 100 mile range on an 80% charge (wow!!). After driving 14 miles it showed 75 miles. I only consumed 2 out of the 10 bars, so it certainly changed its mind.

      Driving at the speed limit and using ECO I can typically get 7 miles per bar commuting back and forth from work. So I’d expect 70 miles on an 80% charge. I drive very consistently to and from work, so I’m not sure I understand why it was off so wildly towards the end of the week after some very consistent driving.

      I’m not sure it’s any better than it was.

      I lost my charging and climate control timers during the upgrade process and had to reprogram those. A minor annoyance, so be sure to make a note of your timer settings prior to having the software updated.


      • Mike Jones says:

        Unfortunately I don’t have a Leaf… yet. I’m on the waiting list, but I’m also still a bit hesitant (financially). For now I’m living vicariously though people such as yourself. Many thanks for all of your blogs and spreadsheets.

        Maybe the battery indicator is so off because it has to re-learn your driving patterns all over again because of the update?

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