Nissan Carwings Stalls

World Statistics Stuck in Time- Click to Enlarge

Data from Nissan LEAF vehicles all around the world is collected centrally. Through a web service called CarWings, the service provides insight into ones driving habits, and how this compares to other US and Worldwide drivers of LEAF’s.

Since December 29th the statistics comparing drivers worldwide has got stuck in time.

USA Statistics are up to date – Click to Enlarge

After over a week of no change I contacted Nissan via web based chat support.

Pamela: Good morning JP!

JP White: Hi Pamela, I’ve noticed that the ‘World Rankings’ in CarWings has not been updated since December 29th. The regional rankings are up to the 4th Jan and my personal telematics up to date as of yesterday. When will the World Rankings begin again for 2012.?

Pamela: That is a great question! I have not heard anything about so far. Give me a minute to research this. JP White: k

Pamela: Thank you for waiting JP.

Pamela: We were made aware of the problem yesterday and we have notified the appropriate department, but have not gotten a response back yet.

As you can see from the chat transcript Nissan are aware of the issue and have promised to email me when the problem is resolved. Hopefully the glitch won’t be as long lasting as the Sony PS3 network shutdown.

Update January 10th 2012: World Rankings have now been updated and are accurate as of January 8th. Nissan have resolved the issue, some two weeks after the problem first appeared. Nissan tech support let me know about the restoration of service at 9:20am on the 10th.

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