Electric City USA, Nashville TN

Electric City USA - Nashville Tennessee. Click to enlarge

Nashville is well known as the center for country music, ‘Music City USA’. If one takes a look at the map of Electric Vehicle Charging stations, middle Tennessee finds itself at the nexus of EV charging stations.

The Yellow markers in the map (click on it to enlarge) indicate where the 30 minute fast chargers are, the green markers the slower 220v chargers. Tennessee has 9 fast charge markers shown by Plugshare, a crowd sourced website to help EV owners locate public charging stations. There are no doubt more that have not been recorded yet.

It is quite surprising to see more fast charging stations in Middle Tennessee than  California where upwards of 1/2 of all EV sales are recorded. We are truly blessed to find ourselves at the center of all this activity. In 2012 Nissan will start manufacturing the Nissan LEAF and its batteries at the new Smyrna manufacturing facility. They estimate the plants capacity will be 150,000 vehicles per year, and will provide new jobs for Tennesseans.

Visit Plugshare and drill down to see exactly where the stations are located.

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