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Waze and LEAF Spy Pro – Say goodbye to Range Anxiety, gain Range Awareness

If you own or drive a LEAF you’ll want to take advantage of two smart phone apps. LEAF Spy Pro and Waze. The combination of these two apps will turn your range anxiety into a solid range awareness. You will … Continue reading

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Range Anxiety by Proxy

I have become accustomed to driving the LEAF over the last 6 months and rarely concern myself with the range of the vehicle anymore. Range anxiety is something a new EV owner experiences until they become confident of how far … Continue reading

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Nissan LEAF – 3 Months and 3,400 Miles later

Smooth, Quiet and Fast. Those three words sum up my impression of the LEAF. I like to call it ‘my little Mercedes’. Sure the dash is made of plastic and the seats are cloth not leather, but aside from the … Continue reading

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First Experience with ‘Range Anxiety’

This weekend we ventured out further than we have before. After doing routine journeys the vehicle was left with a  75% charge. We planned to go to PF Chang’s for dinner. The round trip of 46 miles was easily in … Continue reading

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