First Nissan LEAF on eBay Motors did not sell

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The first Nissan LEAF to go up for sale on eBay did not sell. This could be because of an unrealistic reserve price set by the seller, however the maximum bid placed provides us with insight as to the demand for this vehicle.

Several blog posts have indicated that price gouging is occurring in California, with dealers selling above MSRP to the tune of $50,000 per vehicle and buyers wanting to jump the line offering new owners $70,000. If the eBay sale is anything to go by, this would dispel such rumors.

The maximum bid placed was $34,100 for the SL trim LEAF. The MSRP is $32,283, so buyers are willing to pay just a  little more than the MSRP. Destination fee is $820 for the new car buyer, so the eBay bidders are willing to pay the same as they would buying new at the Dealer and not a penny more.

California, where gas is relatively expensive is the most likely state where green minded, cash rich buyers may pay over sticker price. In this case, that doesn’t seem to be true. What I read into this is that demand for the LEAF is weak, and buyers need not pay over sticker. It will be interesting to see if any LEAF’s sell on eBay in the coming months. I have a save d search on eBay for the LEAF, and will post future sales results here.

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