Second LEAF on eBay Motors up for grabs.

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A second LEAF has been put under the hammer at eBay Motors. The first LEAF listed did not sell. It will interesting to see if this one gets any more interest. The seller has a good reputation which should help, in addition the cost of gas has risen since the last auction. Syria may have a change in regime, the Middle East continues to be unsettled which may prompt folks to want an alternative fuel vehicle in their family fleet.

I have mine on order, hopefully just 2-3 months away from delivery. Part of my rational is that should gas run short on supply due to panic buying or some other short term issue, then I’ll have a way to get to everyone in the family too and fro from work and get our groceries. Just as a good data center has duel fuel generator ability, our transportation lifeline (i.e. car fleet) should also be multi-fuel, especially with the ever rising gas prices.

I should also save money over the life of the vehicle if gas prices remain high. The financial case for the LEAF exists, see my earlier total cost of ownership calculation here.

I’ll post the result of the Auction here once it’s over.

Update: 2011-04-24

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The bids have met the sellers reserve amount and the car is now selling for more than list. With over 1 day to go it looks like the seller of this vehicle will make a profit for sure!!

Update 2011-05-03 It Sold!!

The Leaf for sale on eBay did sell for slightly over $40,000, the seller made a profit on the deal and is evidence that there is a demand for this vehicle. The final sale details are in the final graphic below.

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