Blink Customer Service is awesome!!

Blink Networks have a really good support network. I had a trivial problem/question with my new Blink Car Charger, so I sent their customer support an email early Friday evening just after 6pm. The next time I checked my email I had a response from them.

I expected a boilerplate acknowledgement. It was good to see a well written personal response to my question with steps to resolve the problem clearly laid out. The tech had clearly read my email and his email had been written to me in response to my question, it wasn’t a generic ‘reboot and try again and then get back to us if it persists’ response.

The steps did solve the problem and the support tech indicated he would keep the ticket open over the weekend to be sure the problem didn’t recur. Here’s what ‘Robert says in closing out his email to me.

There will be someone in contact center 24/7/365, so don’t hesitate to let us know if the problem repeats itself.

Contrast this to Nissan who on the same weekend gave me the folowing response when I had a question.

So a company that stand to gain $2,200 from the installation of a car charger (from the government, not me) gave me almost instantaneous and personal support outside of normal business hours, wheras Nissan who stand to make north of $33,000 from me for a brand new vehicle (and I will be their direct fee paying customer) are ‘out to lunch’. What’s wrong with this picture?

I wasn’t too sure about getting a  ‘free’ government sponsored charger and the support I’d likely get. You typically get what you pay for. Based on this past weekend, I am extremely happy with Blink/Ecotaility. Every exchange I have had with Ecotality and Blink have been positive.

Good to see stellar customer service is still alive.

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  1. Tanbin says:

    How do I cancel my membership

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