6th LEAF on the auction block at eBay

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A seller in Washington State is offering a new LEAF for sale on eBay. The seller has a good reputation rating on eBay so should stand a good chance of a sale. With the 2012 model being released for sale any minute now by Nissan, one wonders how well this will sell.

The seller is asking $39,000 which is close to the amount another car sold for a few months back in California. I’m not convinced this one will sell. We’ll all find out in 10 days time 🙂

Update 2011-08-04

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The car did not sell so the seller has re-listed the car at a slightly lower price, he/she only got two offers from the last listing, both of which were rejected.

Update 2011-08-09

The seller ended the sale early without any offers he/she liked. See screen shot below. Selling LEAF’s on eBay is not working out too well for sellers at this time.

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