Nissan are not Nordstrom

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The common cliche regarding good customer service is “Under Promise, Over Deliver” and is attributed to Nordstrom. Unfortunately this cannot also be attributed to Nissan. Apparently they prefer the maxim Over Promise, Under Deliver.

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I got quite excited when I saw online that my expected delivery date for my Leaf was July 29th 2011. A week later an update showed August 1st 2011. Hey that’s just a  few days, no big deal. Today I get an email indicating my delivery date has been updated, I check the website and now my delivery date is August 23rd 2011!! Yikes – that’s 3 weeks – in the wrong direction.

Several months ago the date was listed simply as August 2011, one would expect as the dates get specific to a delivery week they would be reasonably firm. Not so it appears. Had Nissan just stuck with a generic August my expectations would not have needlessly got raised.

Well that new charger in my garage will have to wait another month before it has a vehicle to charge 😦

Psst… Nissan……. good customer service includes the following elements

1) Use Good Judgment at All Times

2) Listen to the Customer First

3) Under Promise and Over Deliver in Everything

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