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Bizarre Parking Lot Ding at Whole Foods Parking lot

Parking lot dings are a hazard when we park in public. The ding I picked up on Thursday 11th April 2019 was rather bizarre and actually quite funny. You have to laugh or you’d cry. View from Front of Car … Continue reading

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Volvo XC90 SUV spotted in electric charging space

When I pulled into Whole Foods I was disappointed to see an SUV in one of the charging spaces. It always seems to be SUV’s that block EV charging spaces. Muttering expletives I pulled around into the next lane and … Continue reading

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Franklin quick charge a success

In May of 2012 Nissan installed a new quick charge station at their US headquarters in Franklin TN. I had need to be in Franklin so decided to take the LEAF for a 101 mile round trip from home to … Continue reading

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