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EV Hole Hall of Shame

Back in 2012 I started a ICE Hall of Shame to highlight gas car drivers who blocked EV charging spaces. Fast forward to 2018 and EV drivers are now beginning to show poor etiquette when parking their vehicles. EV Hole … Continue reading

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Nissan HQ evaluate BMW i3

Nissan have either purchased or borrowed a BMW i3 for their employees to evaluate the competition. The corporate employee I spoke to who was driving the vehicle described it as “Very Different” and was glad another manufacturer was selling battery electrics … Continue reading

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Free Period for Quick EV charging comes to a close

For sometime now charges have been levied for public 240v charging. The much faster 400v DC quick charging has remained free. Until now that is. Here is a copy of an email I received today Blink announced they are introducing … Continue reading

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Franklin quick charge a success

In May of 2012 Nissan installed a new quick charge station at their US headquarters in Franklin TN. I had need to be in Franklin so decided to take the LEAF for a 101 mile round trip from home to … Continue reading

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