EV Hole Hall of Shame

Back in 2012 I started a ICE Hall of Shame to highlight gas car drivers who blocked EV charging spaces. Fast forward to 2018 and EV drivers are now beginning to show poor etiquette when parking their vehicles. EV Hole is the name used when an EV driver parks in a charging space but does not even bother to plug in and uses the space for parking only.

Here’s our first entrant, spotted in Franklin TN at the McEwen building. The signage on the ground says EV Charging Only, No Parking.

Model 3 owner is our first EV Hole. Click to enlarge

The second entry into the EV Hole Hall of Shame was also parked at the McEwan building in Franklin. This one had temporary tags. New EV drivers may not realize what they are doing, at least until they are inconvenienced.

New Model 3 parked but does not charge


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