Tesla delivers five days early using “Tesla Direct” service

My Model 3 delivery date was set for 6:30 PM October 30th several weeks ago. and then I got this text at 9:33 am on October 25th.

Surprise text from Tesla

Five and half hours later Jonathon of Tesla arrived with my new Model 3 at Capstar Bank in Hendersonville where we completed final paperwork, payment and took ownership. The delivery experience took no more than 10 minutes. We got some extra help and advice while Jonathon was waiting on a Lyft ride back to the showroom.

The Tesla Direct service is a great time saver for the customer. We were debating the best way to get three cars 40 miles away from home back home with just two drivers. Arranging for rides, driving the return journey twice, a first world problem maybe but is was a great relief to not have the issue to deal with anymore. Capstar Bank is one mile from our home. The Tesla Direct service is wonderful.

In addition to being convenient the early delivery saved us $140 in car rental expense with Hertz, a vehicle in the family was totalled after we ordered the Model 3 and it made no sense to buy a second car when we only needed one. Thanks for the early delivery Tesla!!

Leaf and Model 3 side by side both juicing up at the same time.

We are now a two Electric Car family. I deleted Gasbuddy off my phone home page and replaced it with the Tesla App. Now my cell phone is my key. I will not need to carry keys anymore (our home is keyless entry as well). There is a credit card sized key in case the phone is not working or if I use a valet.

Acceleration is brutal, the car hugs the road like it is on rails. This is going to be a fun car. There is a surprising amount of road and motor noise for an EV.

First charge after I got home. 32 amp charge rate at a rate of about 27 mph.

With my LEAF I charge when I get to work and again at home. I anticipate I will charge at home once every two days with the increased range the Model 3 affords. I will go from ten charge sessions per work week to just four.

Difference between Home Delivery and Tesla Direct

Tesla have delivered to your home for sometime now, the original Home Delivery service involves you paying for your car in full then it is loaded onto a flatbed truck and delivered to your home, which maybe hundreds of miles from the delivery center.

Tesla Direct, which became available in September 2018, is different in that a Tesla employee drives the car to your home or location of your choosing, you inspect the vehicle to be sure its OK and complete paperwork and make final payment on the spot. Then the Tesla employee leaves in a rideshare, Tesla seem to prefer Lyft. Tesla Direct is only offered to customers who live close to the delivery center and within the reach of rideshare services. Initially you had to live within 30 miles of the delivery center, this may have been expanded or the Nashville delivery center decided 36 miles to our local bank was OK.

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