Good luck getting your Tesla charged at the Brentwood TN Supercharger

All six charger bays occupied during Model 3 delivery rush – Click to enlarge

With increased delivery activity surrounding the Model 3, Tesla at Brentwood Tennessee are using all 6 supercharger bays to charge up vehicles prior to delivery. This means that if you want to get a charge you will need to go inside the showroom and ask for them to move a vehicle (which I’m sure they will do willingly).

Hopefully after hours they leave one or two open charger bays. The photo shown here was taken at 4:30 pm Tuesday 23rd October 2018. There is a destination charger also available at Brentwood in the public parking lot, this was charging a car ahead of delivery as well. The Brentwood store is charging 7 vehicles simultaneously in addition to any charging they maybe doing in the service/delivery bay.

Activity at the Brentwood store seems to have peaked, this week there was a lot less activity and I saw no double parked vehicles as was the case a few weeks ago.

Downtown Supercharger Site Overdue

Nashville needs another supercharger location separate from the showroom, the showroom isn’t in an ideal location unless you are travelling I-65. I-40 and I-24 drivers are inconvenienced by its current location.

A planned downtown supercharger location at Gulch Crossing was due to open in summer of 2018, now it’s October and cold outside I’m comfortable saying the goal has been missed. No word on when planning permission will be granted for this location, Tesla’s supercharger site is now showing 2019 as the target opening.

The original supercharger at Brentwood was late which may point to Tesla having trouble finding a site host and getting planing permission.

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  1. I like tesla’s car and it has so many upgradations that are very impressive.

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