Rare sighting of BMW i8

BMW i8 with temporary tags

The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is very rare on the roads. It’s expensive and therefore sells in small quantities. Prices start at $147,000, with a typical selling price of $175,000 once options are added. As of  August 2019 only 6,448 BMW i8’s have been sold in the US since deliveries began five years ago in August 2014. Given its high price the i8 doesn’t perform particularly well. With a 0-60 of 4.5 seconds I can do better in my Tesla Model 3 AWD. The electric range is just 15 miles as rated by the EPA.

I spotted one at Whole Foods in Franklin TN with temporary tags. It was sold by Gravity Auto an upscale second hand car dealer that sells Lamborghini’s and Rolls Royce’s.

BMW i8 Side profile.

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