Twisted CHAdeMO charging session

Half twist in adapter pigtail.

I tested my CHAdeMO adapter at Newton Nissan of Gallatin TN. Due to the charging station configuration the CHAdeMO cable put a half twist into the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter pigtail.

The adapter returned to normal after the session was complete, so no harm done. One wonders what stress it put on the charging port. The car charged when I got home, so no harm done.

I have seen other owners using straps attached to the tailgate in order to reduce stress on the charge port. I assume the port and adapter are designed with most common scenarios in mind. I’ve added some additional photos below to show how this ended up being the way it is.

Nissan CHAdeMO plug resting nicely on ground, but puts a twist into Tesla CHAdeMO adapter.








142 Miles/Hr charge rate which is 35 kW. Thanks for the juice Nissan!!

Charging station is turned at 90 degrees to the kerb, which is unusual.

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