Tesla CHAdeMO adapter charges Model 3 at 31kW at Nissan HQ

CHAdeMO adapter connected to Model 3

The Model 3 has just gained the ability to use a Tesla to CHAdeMO adapter through a recent firmware update. I have yet to receive firmware version 2019.24.4 that enables the adapter, however a work colleague got the update on his Performance Model 3  and we drove over the Nissan HQ in Franklin TN to test it out.

107A @ 354V

The adapter is rated for a 50 kW charge rate. At Nissan HQ the charge rate was limited to 31 kW due to the 107 amp limit on the CHAdeMO station. The CHAdeMO station reported 107 amps at 354 Volts, which equates to almost 38 kW. Either the car is under reporting the charge rate or there is a 7 kW loss. A 20% loss sounds high, maybe the car under reports the charge rate. 10% SOC was added in 15 minutes of charging, which is about the 30 kW charge rate the car reported.

It will be interesting to see if the full 50 kW charge rate can be achieved at Electrify America charging locations which have modern charging equipment capable of much higher charge rates. Some Model 3 owners have reported that Electrify America stations do not work with the Model 3, whereas EVgo stations do.

The good news is that the CHAdeMO adapter is identical to those used on Model S and X vehicles, the interchangeability is very welcome.

What everyone is really waiting for is the CCS adapter for North America, which should be capable of speeds up to 120 kW and be priced more affordably than the huge CHAdeMO adapter.

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