Whole Foods offer $100 in compensation for Parking Lot Ding

Whole Foods Gift Card issued in compensation for parking lot ding

I am pleased that Whole Foods have decided to compensate me for the parking lot ding I received a several weeks ago.  Sentry Mode on my Tesla recorded how my car was hit by a rogue shopping cart. I reached out to Whole Foods via their website to report the incident and provide them with the video evidence of the shopping cart hitting my car.

It was a Hail-Mary attempt at compensation. In truth I expected a “Cars are left at owners risk” response. I received a phone call within two hours of reporting the incident by a manager at the store and was promised follow-up by Gallagher Bassett a 3rd party administrator who handle Whole Foods damage claims. I was contacted on Monday, the first business day following my report by a “Resolution Associate” at Gallagher Bassett and the process took a few weeks of emailing back and forth. The outcome was to my satisfaction, I was offered $100 in Whole Foods gift cards to cover the cost of the $55 Tesla Paint Repair Kit I purchased to repair the ding. Not once did I feel that Whole Foods were trying to dodge their responsibility and the whole process was virtually friction free. I get free lunch for the next few weeks 🙂

I frequent Whole Foods at lunchtime to get lunch and utilize their free EV charging and free WiFi while I eat and shop. I wish more merchants would offer free EV charging, its the main reason I choose Whole Foods as the place to get lunch. We both win thanks to this arrangement and I am especially pleased they take good care of their customers should an incident occur. I will continue to eat at Whole Foods at lunch and recommend to others Whole Foods as a great place to get lunch and groceries. As an Amazon Prime customer I frequently get discounts on sandwiches I buy there.

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2 Responses to Whole Foods offer $100 in compensation for Parking Lot Ding

  1. Nate Kaiser says:

    Who is the EV charging through? Out here in the Bay Area most Whole Foods have chargers, but they’re EVgo fast chargers (and definitely not free!).

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