Outcome of Tesla Paint Repair Kit

Damage to passenger door due to shopping cart impact.

Following a ding in a parking lot I purchased Tesla’s paint repair kit to touch up rather than go through a body repair for what was a small ding. I am pleased with the results, the ding is much less noticeable and the metal is no longer exposed and subject to corrosion.

The kit provides a simple two step process to restore your paint finish. I ended up putting two coats of paint on the damaged area, after the first coat their were lighter shades of blue visible due to the paint being too thinly applied.

Final paint repair

The process is simple. First you clean the car normally and then clean the damaged area with alcohol to be sure it is really clean and any wax or coatings are removed. Then you apply the paint using the brush provided. After the paint gets tacky you use a blending solution provided to remove excess paint. Due to the nature of the damage I ended up with almost no excess paint so skipped the second step altogether. The final step is to rub the repair with the supplied microfiber cloth and you are finished.

If you look carefully the surface of the paint is not smooth, this is due to the metal being rough due to the damage. This is a paint repair kit, not a body repair kit. A smooth finish can only be achieved by sanding the area perfectly smooth which would result in a body repair process. The ding is markedly less noticeable and the metal is now protected against the elements.

It wasn’t clear how to clean the brush, so I used the blending solution to clean the brush.

Everything laid out. It is advisable to have something on the ground to put the paint repair components on

I have a small chip on the hood, so will tackle that next time I wash the car. The kit is overpriced at $55, however the paint match was very good.

Tesla Paint Repair Kit.

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