Grand Canyon Road Trip – Day 02 – Ozarks to Amarillo

We slept late until 8 am and almost missed the breakfast at the Holiday Inn we stayed at. Today is the “big stretch” from Arkansas to Oklahoma City the longest stretch without another supercharger this entire trip. The cars nav told us to top off again prior to leaving, about 10 miles were used by sentry mode which records activity close to the car while parked overnight. We set off at 10 am to see how far we could go. As we crossed the state line into Oklahoma we were greeted by some of the worst roads we have ever traveled on. Such a stark contrast to Arkansas.

Van Buren AR to Oklahoma City OK

I kept the speed to about 70 to make sure we’d make Oklahoma City in one leg. The navigation routed us off I-40 onto side streets and then I-240. It turns out that this weekend I-40 was closed for construction through Oklahoma City so we followed the detour. When we arrived at Oklahoma City supercharger we were greeted with a line with just one ahead of us. It took about 15 minutes for a stall to open up.

This location is an older V2 station where you share the energy with your neighbor, so the charging speed was low. The Navigation routing software could do with some enhancements. It was indicating an hour charge to get to Shamrock TX due to the slow charging speed. However it was about 60 miles to Weatherford where there was no line and we would charge more quickly there. It made more sense to leave when we had enough to reach Weatherford. This allowed me to drive at full speed without concern of making it.

Oklahoma City OK to Wetherford OK

We were able to drive quickly to Wetherford where we were able to charge at full speed. It makes more sense to charge enough to get you to the next station and drive quickly rather than trying to skip a station and have to watch your energy consumption in order to make it.

Weatherford OK to Shamrock TX

After charging at Waetherford we left for Shamrock TX. Shamrock is on the old Route 66 and they have a neat Route 66 center right where the supercharger stalls are. Finally after all the driving we are starting to see neat things.

Shamrock TX to Amarillo TX

The final leg we took on day 2 was to Amarillo TX. We stopped to book a Hotel with EV charging. The hotel we booked hosted Tesla superchargers.

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