Grand Canyon Road Trip – Day 01 – Tennessee to Ozarks

We set off just after 9am. It was raining hard and I chose not use autopilot, I have seen too many YouTube videos of Tesla owners totaling their vehicles using autopilot in the rain. Autopilot does not let off the accelerator if you hit a pool of water. It rained for the first ninety minutes of our drive but then cleared up.

Home to Jackson TN

Our first charging stop was at Jackson TN. This is a really neat location with a Casey Jones theme. They have an Pullman coach from the railroad. We got Blue Bell ice cream in the country store to power us onto our next stop.

Jackson TN to Brinkley AR

We stopped just after 2 pm to get lunch, there is a Sonic close to the Supercharger so we were able to eat while the charge completed. Neat Sonic, it had a dog park and restrooms. It was a big lunch so no need for dinner out.

Brinkley AR to Van Buren AR

Arkansas has a slightly higher speed limit at 75 mph which allowed us to make better time. Arkansas take good care of their interstates, many stretches were new and very few sections had potholes. I started to get tired half way through this leg of the journey and we stopped briefly at a rest area close to London AR. By the time we reached the next charging stop at Van Buren I was done for the day. We found a Holiday Inn half a mile from the supercharger. The Hotel is very good, definitely recommended. Unfortunately the hotel didn’t have EV charging, the only hotel in town that did was a Super 8 which didn’t quite measure up.

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