Fiat 500e spotted in Nashville

FIAT 500e spotted in Nashville TN

The Fiat 500e is very much a compliance car and as such is rarely seen outside of the CARB states it is sold in. Sergio Marchione, former CEO of Fiat/Chrysler is famous for telling prospective customers to not buy his electric 500e because he lost money on each unit sold.

Any Fiat 500e’s found outside of the states it was sold in have been specially transported. The owner takes on some risk that an issue with the electric drive-train may need repair in a select few dealers in CARB states involving expensive shipping to effect a repair.

500e Charging at 1100 Charlotte Ave, Nashville

This 500e was spotted in the HCA building at 1100 Charlotte Pike. Many rare EV’s are often spotted here, HCA employees apparently favor unique EV’s. Its great to see cars like the 500e in person.

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