Electrify America Fail – Strike Two

Cable too short to even reach parking bay.

Recently I reported an Electrify America station that was not operational for CHAdeMO users. Today I went by the latest Electrify America site at WalMart in Franklin TN which was just brought into service on October 11th.

The configuration of the single CHAdeMO outlet is such that it is not possible to get a charge with a Tesla vehicile. It will be difficult, maybe impossible, for a Nissan LEAF to get a charger here unles it drives in at a 45 degre angle across the parking bay. The cable will not reach the edge of the parking bay.

It seems to me the charging equipment should be located at the head of the charging bay to make it possible to plug a vehcile in. This is especially necessary in this case since the parking bay is offset from the kerb more than normal to accomodate disabled users.Electrify America is funded by a $2Billion fudn as erquired to compensate for VW’s Dieselgate settlement with the US government agencies. I perceive its easy come easy go since the funds are guaranteed.

Cable won’t reach even if you park in hatched area.

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